English Bulldog Temperament and Character Traits

Published: 27th March 2008
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Many people have underestimated the English bulldog's smarts. The English Bulldog is a wonderful breed and they are very intelligent dogs. Most all English Bulldog have a personality trait of their own. Some are lazy couch potatoes while other loves to get out and run and play.

If any breed was recognized for their silly behavior and loving demeanor it would definitely be an English Bulldog. Their best trait is "personality". They really know how to show it too. Their owners are their life's and they are totally forgiving of humans as well.

English Bulldog will do anything too get your attention and make you smile. They are absolutely wonderful with children and the elderly.

English Bulldogs are most selective to your moods and they feed off your emotions. They are very special and love to be loved. They are delighted when you are happy and compassionate when you are sad.

The best part is that they play the part of looking tough and bad but, in all actuality they are loving and sweet. I will say this though, they are wonderful guard dogs and will go to lengths to protect your family and children. They will always be there to protect the smaller dogs in your home as well. They are wonderful at what they do and that is why they are loved by many.

So, if you are considering a wonderful family pet that is lovable, devoted, and most of all compassionate a bulldog might be right for you.

We recommend checking with your local bulldog rescues or find a reputable breeder.

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